This May 2019, we are launching "GLOBAL TRIBE - Networking in Sandnes" at Quality Hotel Residence. 

18:00-18:45 Listen to local speakers sharing stories and topics about living in Norway. 

19:00 to 21:00 Networking: Chat & chill. Use Fuelbox to kickstart the conversation!

Welcome to ADLE & Sandnes!

August 2019

Check the dates below for the next Global Tribe Gathering in Sandnes.


Du You want to show off your hidden talents to a small publicum ? Or You are involved in a social work that You want people to know about? 

We at Adle make it possible for YOU!

Registration and information are sent to:

GLOBAL TRIBE this fall:

Friday  30.08.2019

Friday  27.09.2019

Saturday  26.10.2019

Friday  22.11.2019

And of course : WELCOME also as an audience!