We invite you to a 1-day course about applying for jobs in Norway and the Norwegian work culture. The courses are organized by Ellis Culture, ADLE and Sandnes Library. "Project Pathfinder 2019: The Road to Work" is sponsored by Sandnes Kommune. Get your tickets for Part 1 & 2 to sign up for the complete day course.

The Road to Work

A 1-day course with Karin Ellis from Ellis Culture

Ellis Culture develops and delivers job-oriented courses in cultural understanding, where participants are helped to understand expectations and break the hidden codes in working life. Karin is the founder and CEO of Ellis Culture. She authored the books 'Working with Norwegians' and 'Applying for jobs in Norway'.

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FALL 2019

Thursday 29.08.2019 & Wednesday 13.11.2019

kl.9.00-16.00 at Sandnes Library, total course fee for the day is 200 NOK

Part 1: Applying for jobs in Norway

kl. 9.00 - 12.00, course fee 100 NOK

The goal for this course is for you to 1) be better prepared when seeking work, 2) learn what is special about job search in Norway, 3) understand what Norwegian employers expect, so you may avoid the most common pitfalls when applying for jobs.

Part 2: Working with Norwegians

kl. 13.00 - 16.00, course fee 100 NOK

The goal for this course is to 1) build a bridge between cultures, 2) learn about the special traits of Norwegian workplaces, 3) become aware of the rules and expectations of Norwegian workplaces, and by doing so you can reduce misunderstandings and communication problems.