Our history

...starts with our founder, Michelle R. Østbø, our friends and the helpful employees in Sandnes Library.

Adle came to be

....because there is a need for a meeting place where we can practice speaking Norwegian, get to know the city and the local environment better. Learning Norwegian is the key to integration in Norway, and the language is an important factor for lifelong learning. There are many ways to learn Norwegian. Norwegian training is a supplement to the public Norwegian course, and with us, you can attend our language training on Tuesdays at the Sandnes Library. Here you will meet our friendly members and volunteers from Sandnes, Stavanger Region, and the whole world.

To contribute to inclusion and diversity locally:

  1. we have Norwegian conversation group where our members and guests can practice speaking Norwegian,
  2. we collaborate with Sandnes Municipality and other local actors to create multicultural activities,
  3. and we explore communication, migration, and leadership.